Long-distance treatments

Also known as Absent Healing, this is where a healing session is transmitted to you without you being present in the clinic – you can receive it wherever you are and whenever the time is suitable. This works across distances and times.


Reiki x 1    £45   When you book this treatment I will respond as quickly as possible – often that same day in order to arrange a time for you to receive the energy.

Reiki x 3    £120   …a saving to you of £15   We will arrange in advance when the 3 sessions will be – sometimes when addressing an urgent issue it is good to receive Reiki 3 days on the trot in order to hone in on it.  Otherwise one may wish to spread out the intervals.

To book this service you can ring on 01890 850288 or email to patientpower@hotmail.com, so your requirements can be discussed.