Shiatsu x 1     £45

  Shiatsu x 3    £120.…a saving to you of £15  

  Reflexology x 1  £45

  Reflexology x 3  £120   … a saving to you of £15 

  Reiki x 1        £45

  Reiki x 3        £120       …a saving to you of £15

  Raindrop Technique x 1    £75

  Raindrop Technique x 3    £180   … a saving to you of £45

Gift Voucher….insert your preferred amount…and do let me know if its for a birthday, a thank you, an anniversary, Christmas or whatever the occasion, so I can welcome them appropriately!

Products that I use which are available direct from supplier:

Guardian energy egg for protection from wi-fi and EMFs, and is sometimes effective with reducing or eliminating allergies

UV 400 Computer glasses (blue tint)

Downloadable book: Hidden Secrets of Real Health by Lynda & Stephen Kane

Vielight 810 for cardiovascular and brain health (near bottom of page on this link, so scroll down)